How does it work

Who is involved

GREEN FILM ADOPTING ENTITY: A Film Fund, Film Commission, broadcaster, etc., that decides to adopt the GREEN FILM Rating System.

CERTIFYING BODY: a public or private body appointed by the GREEN FILM adopting entity. The Certifying body can be a third party or the same GREEN FILM adopting entity.

PRODUCERS: production companies that decide to apply the GREEN FILM rating system to their project.

Before the shooting

Using a checklist, the producers declare which environmental sustainability criteria listed in the GREEN FILM rating system they wish to comply with during the shooting. Based on the number of green points stated by the producer, the GREEN FILM adopting entity may decide to award the project with some kind of incentives, prizes or services.

During the shooting

The production undertakes to comply with the criteria adopted. A certifying body verifies whether the criteria are actually being complied with.

After the shooting

The certifying body completes the verification of compliance with the environmental sustainability criteria declared by the production prior to starting the shooting. If the verification is positive, the production receives the GREEN FILM environmental sustainability certification by the certifying body and the incentives, prizes or services offered by the GREEN FILM adopting entity.


The precise procedures for using the GREEN FILM rating system might vary according to specific features of the public or private entity (e.g. Film Fund, Film Commission, broadcaster, etc.) that decides to adopt it. Procedures can thus be adapted to different contexts.

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