Green Film Award | Trento Film Festival 2023

May 8, 2023

In the frame of Trento Film Festival , Trentino Film Commission and APPA – Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente (Provincial Environmental Protection Agency) set up in 2021 the Green Film Award, rewarding the film that most effectively expresses environmental protection and sustainability values and practices, with particular attention for the mountain environment and climate change. 

Among 13 film competing, this year, the Green Film Award goes to “The North Drift” (Germany / 2021) by Steffen Krones, for the following reason: “An adventurous journey into the sea of plastic waste accumulating in the Arctic. The film succeeds in informing about one of the biggest issue affecting our planet, with a scientific but yet purposeful and empathetic approach. We are all required to take action.”

A special mention goes to “Wild Life” by Chin Jimmy and Vasarhelyi, Academy Award winners for FREE SOLO (Unitetes States / 2023), for  “showing what might happen if a big entrepeneur leaves behind a massively successful  brand to start focusing on sustainability and enviroment instead of profit.”

Another special mention goes to “Let The River Flow” by Giæver Ole (Norway / 2023):  “his tough, deep and strong film opens a window on the racism towards Sami in Norway and their fight to defend nature. Sami become a metaphore of contemporary climate activists – insulted and ignored –  and show us that desperate times may call for drastic measures such as civil disobedience to defend humankind and enviromental’s rights”.

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