Green Film at the European Film Market in Berlin

February 22, 2023

More than 120 persons attended the “Green Filming: towards a common approach” event at the European Film Market in Berlin last Sunday.

The event was opened by Charlotte Appelgren (CineRegio) and Luca Ferrario (Green Film) providing an overview of the goals and the evolution of the Green Film Research Lab, the three-years long study and research project financed in 2021 by the Italian National Film Fund and supported by CineRegio, Anica and APPA.

Luciano Vogli, environmental analyst, has provided insights on how such research was carried on. The first results came from comparing the data collected between 2021 and 2022 on a sample of Green Film certified productions with the data collected from a sample of ‘traditional’ productions. One of the aim of the LCA study was to evaluate the environmental and economical impacts of the Green Film rating system.

The research, run in collaboration with APPA Trento and critical reviewed by ARPAE Emilia-Romagna, gave two important results: 1) the confirmation that the application of each criterion of the Green Film rating system reduces the environmental impacts of a film production 2) the fact that most of the times the application of the Green Film rating system also reduces the production costs.

Caroline Gjerulff (Vision Denmark) and Carlota Guerrero Bernaus (Catalunya Film Commission-ICEC), two of the 12 Green Film’s international partners, illustrated how they apply the tool in their countries, while Mercedes Fernandez (TorinoFilmLab) recapped the first year of Green Film Lab, the European training for professionals of the film industry focused on the sustainability of the production process.

The network of international partners continues to grow, and during the event a new partner was announced, the Greek Film Center.

The Green Film pre-assessment tool, developed together with The Greenshot, was also presented as one of the outputs of the research. The tool is a free resource available to all producers who want to lower the environmental impact of their productions, and it can help them in planning their strategy towards sustainability – by entering some info, it provides a simulation of the score an audiovisual project can achieve on the Green Film checklist and allows to predict a scenario in terms of economic and environmental costs or benefits.

Descargue ahora el Sistema de Certificación