Green Film rating system for Documentaries

June 15, 2022

Today, during the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, the new Green Film rating system dedicated to documentaries was presented.

The birth of this new specific tool started to take shape in 2021, when DG Cinema financed the research project Green Film Research Lab, designed to collect and analyze data coming from both traditional and certified audiovisual productions, in order to evaluate the environmental and economical impact of Green Film rating system’s application; and to review the Green Film tool, update it and develop it for new different production methods, such as documentary production.

As a result of Green Film Research Lab data, Trentino Film Commission in collaboration with Doc/it (Association of Italian Documentary producers and authors), developed Green Film Doc. The collaboration with sustainability experts from APPA (Provincial Agency for Environment Protection), similarly with the development of the “classic” Green Film rating system, was essential.

Documentaries, by their nature, already have a reduced impact on the environment, compared to features or series.
Nonetheless, it is still important to reduce the impact of documentaries making, pushing producers to change their habits, in proportion to what can actually be done in docs production.
National and regional funds are now giving incentives to producers who apply green measures to their works. Documentary producers are now able to have access to these funding opportunities through the use of a dedicated tool, that can be used also in the case of international co-productions. 


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