Verifying Bodies

Qualified Verifying Bodies

The GREEN FILM certification is issued following the positive evaluation given by a qualified Verifying Body as regards the compliance with the environmental sustainability criteria that a film producer commits to following during shooting.

The evaluation is performed based on an on-set visits and the examination of pertinent documents, as envisaged in the GREEN FILM Rating System.



Marco Cataldi
Environmental Sustainability Specialist
+39 324 00 06 816

DNV Business Assurance Italia S.r.l.


Claudia Rampazzo – Sales
Area Manager
+39 345 59 71 262



Umberto Nicolo’ Vicentini
Head of North-West Business Development Certification ITALY
+39 340 22 09 956

Number of verification days

Up to 4 weeks1 day4 hours on-site
4 hours of document checks 
From 4 weeks and 1 day to 8 weeks2 days1 day on-site
1 day of document checks
From 8 weeks and 1 day3 days2 day on-site
1 day of document checks

Aggravating factors from an environmental perspective:

If the Verifying Body considers there to be a particular degree of complexity in the production with a potential impact on the environment, it may increase the number of verification days established  by 50% due to the presence of an “aggravating” factor.  

The aggravating factors that fall under this provision and that justify the application of the above criteria refer to:

  • sensitive film locations, such as protected natural areas or areas of a particular value;
  • activities carried out on-set with a significant impact on the environment (e.g. explosions, accidents, spills, etc.).

Want to enrol in the list of GREEN FILM Verifying Bodies?

National or international companies working in the auditing and certification sector and public bodies involved in environmental and regional management sectors, if they possess the pre-requisites, may enlist as Verifying Bodies involved in the process of assigning the GREEN FILM certification label.

For further information regarding the role of the Verifying Bodies, the activities involved and the pre-requisites for enrolling, please  contact us via e-mail at

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