Amiche Mai

“Amiche Mai” begins with the birth of a baby calf in a small stable, introducing the character of Anna Ricca, a passionate veterinarian whose life is divided between running the farm and multiple family roles that lead her to be, from time to time, a loving wife, an affectionate daughter, an anxious mother, a patient grandmother. The sudden death of Gino, her infirm father, offers Anna the chance to finally get rid of Aysè, her father’s caring caregiver, with whom she had never been able to get along. Aysè Yildirim will return to Turkey with the old bed that Gino bequeathed her. Anna and Aysè will thus face, with a bed on board, a long journey through the Balkans destined to change their lives and their relationship forever.

GREEN FILM Rating 31/50
Maurizio Nichetti
Angela Finocchiaro, Serra Yilmaz
Paco Cinematografica

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