Der Feind Meines Feindes

South Iceland. Klaus Burg and his 17-year-old daughter Alina have been living on the island for a year under a protection programme for life-threatening witnesses. Thanks to the former lawyer’s intervention, the BKA managed to break up a ‘Ndrangheta’ clan. Burg and Alina have now rebuilt a new but modest existence in Viki-Myrdal, a remote fishing village. But Burg is still in the crosshairs of the ‘Ndrangheta, as he is privy to burning information. When the Mafia discovers Burg’s whereabouts, a team of killers sets off for the desolate Icelandic wasteland. But at the last second, the attempt on Burg and Alina’s lives is foiled, thanks to the unexpected intervention of a group of mercenaries, in the service of Gabriel Morales, a charismatic billionaire. He wants to meet Burg in Milan as soon as possible. But since the authorities can no longer guarantee him any protection, Burg imposes himself and accepts the invitation of the stranger who saved his life, despite being forced to leave Alina in the Faroe Islands under the protection of the two mercenaries. After landing in Milan and arriving at the imposing estate on Lake Maggiore, Morales makes him an unexpected offer…

GREEN FILM Rating 24/50
90 min.
Italy, Germany
Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Oliver Mommsen, Hans Sigl, Sofie Eifertinger, Katharina Nesytowa
ZDF, Namche Okon, Viola Film

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