Facciamo Tutti Centro

This is a story of ordinary and extraordinary people, with a mute narrator, a revolutionary realist and a diehard dreamer in pursuit of the future. A story of love and friendship between three young people in search of their place in the world, of freedom, of the affirmation of their uniqueness, of their way of living reality and of an anarchic love, in a romantic Milan, a city of dreams and adventure for those who, like them, live outside the circles of the outside world, in commuter towns, but also of harsh and complex realities with which they must necessarily come to terms.

GREEN FILM Rating 35/50
Italy, Switzerland
Paola Randi
Gabriele Monti, Samuele Teneggi, Ludovica Nasti, Marco Bonadei, Bruno Bozzetto
Fandango, Spotlight Media Productions, Rai Cinema

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