Family Time

It is Christmas time and the family is gathered at the grandparents’. Everything goes as usual: grandfather drinks too much and grandmother is trying to keep up everyone’s mood. The two middle-aged sisters keep arguing about trivial things, while the son-in-law and the teenager mostly keep to themselves. The two kids are filming a horror movie and seem to be the only ones actually having a good time.

The Christmas celebration ends in a depressing anti-climax, and after that, the family members go back to their own, private lives. Even there, the search for a meaningful human connection

“Family Time” is a subtly humourous study on family dynamics, on loneliness and being together. On how we try to find connection, but do not always succeed.

GREEN FILM Rating 24/50
114' min.
Finland, Sweden
Tia Kouvo
Tom Wentzel, Leena Uotila, Elina Knihtilä
Aamu Film Company

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