Il Ladro di Stelle Cadenti

At 8 years old, Camillo Favara (Milo) wishes for a chocolate cake on a shooting star. His wish comes true, but he suffers from an indigestion. At 18 years old he wishes he could “kiss, hold and…all the rest” Betty, a gorgeous Italian-american tourist. They have an intense love affair and, at the end of the holidays, Betty breaks Milo’s heart by telling him that their relationship was none other than a summer fling to her and that they have no future together.

Milo learns that “when the Gods want to punish us, they grant our wishes”. In a strange turn of events, he becomes a thief of falling stars so he can prevent those hurtful wishes to ever come true. At 40, he steals Betty’s shooting star, the one that carries her wish to become a mother: Milo finds himself caught into whirlwind of emotions.

GREEN FILM Rating 23/50
Italy, Malta
Francisco Saia
Daniel McVicar, Denise McNee, Sissi Martina Palladini Farruggia, Leandro Baroncini, Jacopo Rampini, Clizia Fornasier, Francisco Saia
Horcynus Productions srl

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