Josquin Desprez

The 27th of August 2021 marked the 500th anniversary of the death of composer Josquin Desprez, the artist who made his musical mark on the Renaissance, and on whose music every musician still trains today. Born on the border between Belgium and France, his career was divided mostly between Italy and France. In Milan (where he was cantor and composer to Ludovico il Moro), Leonardo Da Vinci portrayed him in his “Ritratto di musico”. In Rome, he sang for the Pope in the Sistine Chapel for five years. He is musician to at least two kings of France. Baldassarre Castiglione testifies that in the courts of his time, music was only appreciated if composed by Josquin. Luther calls him ‘the master of notes’. And when his contemporaries want to make comparisons, they have to resort to Michelangelo. No less than for Shakespeare, armies of scholars and enthusiasts continue to chase the traces of his mysterious figure. And the fascination his music exerts, yesterday as today, is incalculable.

GREEN FILM Rating 22/40
140' min.
Marco Zarrelli
Paolo Da Col, Walter Testolin, Laurent Dubuisson, Mons. Marcos Pavan, Barbara Jatta, Marco Pellegrini, Camilla Cavicchi
Mescalito FIlm

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