L'acqua fresca

George is a rich American record producer in his fifties, who could have it all in life, were it not for his hypochondria that has him in chains. After yet another argument with his girlfriend, he decides to leave for Sicily, where he spent an unforgettable holiday when he was a teenager. He is not quite alone, because hypochondria follows him and will not let go. It will be that anxiety, that out-of-control body, that will first get him into trouble, then make him find the happiness he had hoped for. His accomplice is an unsuspecting fruit seller form Catania, Lucia. A withered, vital and generous beauty who, while struggling to make ends meet, always manages to smile and help others. It is precisely this fortuitous and stormy encounter that will change George’s life, but also revive Lucia’s beauty.

GREEN FILM Rating 30/50
Marianna Sciveres
Jonathan Cake, Lucia Sardo
Partner Media Investment, Lime Film

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