Les Amateurs

Les Amateurs is the adventure of a colourful duo formed by two characters who are at odds with each other. One (François Damiens) is reckless, boastful and somewhat oblivious; the other (Vincent Dedienne) is thoughtful, cautious and slightly cowardly. Only one thing unites them in their daily lives: the routine of their office life. When Vincent picks up a mobile phone found at the scene of a car accident and confides in Alban, the two overly nice office workers find themselves caught up in a life-changing criminal adventure. Their opposite characters and their inability to deal with what happens to them lead them into a series of comical situations and misunderstandings at the rhythm of lively twists and turns.

GREEN FILM Rating 28/50
10x30 min.
Belgium, France
Fred Scotlande
François Damiens, Vincent Dedienne, Fanny Sidney
Calt Studios, BBC Studios, Beside Productions

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