Mani Nude

Davide Bergamaschi: eyes of a child, body of an adult, as strong as one can be at the age of sixteen. Facing him is an old man, disenchanted, tired, dangerous. In the midst of hundreds of people dancing, drinking and celebrating, the two meet and their lives change. The boy is kidnapped, thrown by force into the world of clandestine fights, forced to spill blood to stay alive, to grow up quickly to withstand so much violence. His kidnapper sees in him the potential of a fighter unlike any other, the likes of which has not been seen in a long time, and perhaps something else too, a sort of heir to whom he can pass on his knowledge, his values and his very personal moral laws. In a world where all rules are subverted in the name of death and money, their solitudes meet. Davide will abandon his identity to transform himself into Batiza, the fiercest of fighters. His master will teach him to kill, but above all, to survive. When that life becomes unbearable for both of them, they will join forces in search of redemption.

GREEN FILM Rating 31/50
Mauro Mancini
Alessandro Gassmann
Eagle Original Content, Pepito Produzioni

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