Marcho - L'ultima Bandiera

The documentary film reconstructs the story of noble Marcho, lord of Moruzzo, the last bearer of the Patriarchate of Aquileia that opposed the Republic of Venice. The story unfolds between 1335 when Patriarch Bertrando hands over the banner of the Patriarchate to Federico, Marcho’s grandfather, and 1421 when the Doge of Venice lays siege to the castle of Moruzzo, and quickly defeats the besieged and has Marcho arrested. Before being captured, Marcho manages to make his son Pileo escape, carrying the banner of the Patriarchate. Nothing more is heard of him and the banner is never found. Against the backdrop of the reactement of past events, a man in modern dress observes the events and reconstructs the historical context.

GREEN FILM Rating 34/40
Marco Fabbro
Arte Video s.r.l.

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