Never too late

2038. The air has become unbreathable and the planet is suffering from a lack of oxygen. In Nur, (Sardinia), the Green Militias are in power and have been denying people any contact with Nature for years. Maria, Jacopo, Arturo, Bianca, Alex and Caterina are all young people who have grown up without ever having touched a tree or bathed in the sea. One night something strange happens in the forest: a glow, perhaps an explosion. That same night changes Jacopo and Maria’s lives forever. They decide to put their lives at risk in order to find out the truth about what is happening in the woods and as they investigate, they realise they must fight for their own futures. A teen adventure with ecological overtones.

GREEN FILM Rating 22/50
Giacomo Talamini, Lorenzo Vignolo
Arianna Becheroni, Roberto Nocchi
Propaganda Italia srl, Rai Fiction

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