“Orlando” is the fifth feature film directed by award-winning director Daniele Vicari.
The main character of this story is an old man named Orlando, a musician and farmer in a small town in central Italy. When his wife died ten years ago, Orlando stayed in this country, alone, working the land and playing the accordion at weddings. Valerio, his only son, left the small town for Brussels immediately after his mother’s death. Since then, Orlando has not wanted to have any contact with him. But when Valerio asks for his help, Orlando, for the first time in his life, has to leave his town and travel to Brussels to join him. Out of duty.
When he arrives in Brussels, he discovers that he is too late: his son is dead, leaving behind a nine-year-old daughter, Lyse. The old man has to take care of her somehow, but he doesn’t know where to start or how to go about it. Orlando, who decided at the age of twenty that he would never be an emigrant, is forced to leave now, at seventy.
He doesn’t speak French, he doesn’t know the modern age, but he needs to find a job, even more than one, and at the same time he has to look after this sweet girl who is like a Martian to him. The big challenge Orlando will face is to find his own way to stay there, using his skills to survive while he is forced to stay in Brussels.
However, the long journey, and the most difficult one for Orlando, will not be to find a way to survive in the big city, but to accept a real revolution in his view of life and the world, which will eventually lead him back to the ability to make his own decisions. For love. A new kind of love he had never felt before. And then, to live happily with Lyse forever, he will return to his world.

GREEN FILM Rating 22/50
122 min.
Belgium, Italy
Daniele Vicari
Michele Placido, Angelica Kazankova, Fabrizio Rongione
Tarantula, Rosamont

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