Vild Med Dans 2022

Vild Med Dans is shiny-floor entertainment in its finest form and it is the Danish version of the UK series “Strictly Come Dancing”, and one of several iterations of the “Dancing with the Stars” franchise.

In this 19th season of Denmark’s “Vild Med Dans”, ten Danish celebrities have accepted the dance challenge, and now, they are going to throw themselves headfirst, into the glittering world of dancing. They have all been matched with a professional dancer, and they have only one week to learn each of the ten competitive dances.

It’s no easy task for our contesters, as every dance is different, and every dance challenges them in ways, they never thought possible. But they must learn. Because every week we are saying farewell to yet another couple, and it’s up to the judges and the audience to determine who they think deserve to stay in the competition. So, there is no room for mistakes.

It takes a lot of the contestants to go all the way to the final. There will be laughs and joy, tears and sweat, as they all do their absolute best, to be that one couple, who will be able to lift the trophy in the end.

GREEN FILM Rating 29/50
TV Program
Karen Boel Thomsen
Andrea Lykke, Caspar Phillipson, Cecilie Schmeichel, Daniel Wagner, Heidi Frederikke Rasmussen, Jakob Åkerlind, Joel Hyrland, Katerina Pitzner, Natasha Brock, Nicholas Kawamura

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