Green Film at Venice International Film Festival  

August 23, 2023

The 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival will take place from 30 August to 9 September, with a rich programme.  
We are happy to announce that Green Film will be there with a lecture on environmental sustainability and three certified Green Films premieres

Thanks to the collaboration between Green Film, Trentino Film Commission, Milano Film Network and Settimana Internazionale della Critica the authors of In Progress MFN 2023 and other young Italian directors of SIC@SIC will have the opportunity to attend a lecture by Linnea Merzagora on Monday 4 September at the Casa della Critica

This masterclass will raise awareness about the urgency of considering sustainability right from the moment a project is developed and drafted. 

Green Film will also be in Venice with three certified films that will premiere: “Nina dei Lupi”, “Welcome to Paradise” and “Amor”.

Nina dei Lupi, the fantasy-thriller by Antonio Pisu was selected as one of the special screenings at “Giornate degli Autori”

A sudden solar storm renders any electronic equipment around the planet useless. On the same day, a baby girl is found on the mountain near a small village lost in the mountains. Her name is Nina. 
The film will be distributed in Italian theaters from 31st of August. 

The short film Welcome to Paradise by Leonardo di Costanzo will premiere in Venice out of competition: the short film was made in Val Trebbia with the students of Marco Bellocchio’s film school Bottega XNL  and the production made a special effort implementing actions related to environmental sustainability.

Nadia, a solitary and wary girl, wears a patch over one eye. On the bank of the river, in search of adventures in the company of some stray kittens, she sees a young man ill-treated by boys from the village and shut up in an abandoned shack. Nadia goes away. But then, curious, she goes back and tries to set the “prisoner” free. The wall that separates them opens up for Nadia the possibility of playing at being someone else and experiencing, in this fascination, a sudden desire to grow. 

The documentary film “Amor” by Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri will also premiere at this 80th edition. It’s the first time in Venice for the visionary director of experimental films.

“When I see Rome I see my mother. It’s been like that ever since she died.”
A summer evening 25 ago: the city is deserted, the final of the FIFA World Cup is underway. A woman, Teresa, comes down to the Tiber and lets herself be carried away by its current. She is swallowed by the river and her daughter Virginia crosses Rome in the dark of the night: she wants to find her and save her. 

  See you in Venice! 

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