Green Filming Award 2022

November 29, 2022

On Saturday 26 November in Turin, at the conclusion of the TFL Meeting Event, the four winners of the Green Filming Award were announced. The award, a joined venture between TorinoFilmLab and Green Film, aims to encourage sustainable production within the TFL FeatureLab programme.

The award – consisting of a contribution of 2,000 € for the expenses connected to the implementation of the Green Film rating system and 2,000 € to cover the cost of a Green Manager – this year went to 4 FeatureLab projects:

Writer & Director: Kerstin Neuwirth
Producer: Sophie Ahrens
In a village battered by the forces of nature, Alba and her mother struggle to find shelter.

Writer & Director: Marta Hernaiz Pidal
Producer: Rosa Galguera Ortega
By cleaning the toilets of the hottest Mexican club Estela witnesses the arrogance of the very rich.

Writer & Director: Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Co-writer: Luigi Campi
Producer: Fani Skartouli
A dethroned emperor and a humble beekeeper try to escape the desert island they have shipwrecked on.

Writer & Director: Sara Fgaier
Producer: Marco Alessi
The deceptions of memory push a sixty-year-old man to a fierce battle with himself.

FeatureLab is an annual programme for creative teams working on the director’s 1st or 2nd feature film projects, at an advanced development stage. During a path including 3 workshops and a public presentation, the selected teams work with experts from the fields of directing, cinematography, sound, post-production, but also from production, financing, marketing & sales, and audience engagement.

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