TV 2 Danmark & Green Film

September 20, 2022

As a partner in the ‘Sustainable Film and TV Production‘ alliance, TV 2 Danmark has been instrumental in choosing the Green Film certification as the first and best tool to guide producers towards more sustainable production. In June, TV 2 decided to go for the certification on the three biggest TV 2 productions.

Today ‘Vild med dans’ receives the international sustainability certification Green Film – and in the coming time ‘Go’morgen Danmark’, ‘Go’aften Live’ and ‘X Factor’ will follow suit. The green production of the three major TV 2 productions is the result of a common focus on sustainability across the industry.

Together with the production companies ‘Blu’, ‘Mastiff TV’ and ‘Nordisk Film TV’, TV 2 has taken an important step towards green TV production. Since August, several of the biggest TV 2 formats, ‘Vild med dans’, ‘Go’morgen Danmark, Go’aften Live, and ‘X Factor’, have been produced according to the guidelines of the sustainability certification Green Film.

‘Vild med dans’ is the first production in Denmark and the first live production in Europe to receive the Green Film certification.


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