Waste management - CRITERION E

Waste management


During the entire course of filming, ensure correct management of waste and give priority to recovering and recycling materials rather than their disposal, thereby reducing the film production’s impact on the environment.

Waste management
E1 Differentiated waste collection 4 points

Criterion description:



Implement differentiated waste collection on every set:

  • Equip areas on set and in the base camp with designated waste bins that bear clear instructions as to their use and ensure that they are easily distinguishable.
  • Inform the members of the crew of the regulations in force concerning the disposal of waste.
  • Dispose of waste as indicated by law.

Verification procedure

Document verification

  • Supply photographic documentation that attests to the equipping of every set with differentiated waste disposal facilities.
  • produce the originals or copies of the contracts entered into with the firms that have collected the waste and their invoices.

Verification on set. The purpose of the verification on set by the staff of the local Certifying body is to:

  1. verify the presence on every set of the differentiated waste disposal containers;
  2. verify the correct use of the containers (by random sampling, checking whether disposal is performed in compliance with the differentiated waste disposal methods locally in force).

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