A Green September 

September 15, 2023

Summer is over, and a season full of new films is coming. 
Here are some movies released in September, that followed the guidelines of the Green Film Rating System and obtained the certification.

Produced by Kino produzioni, 9.99 Films with Rai Cinema

Directed by Laura Luchetti, the film premiered at the 76th Locarno Film Festival and it stars Yile Yara Vianello and Deva Cassel.  

Produced by Genoma Film and directed by Antonio Pisu, the film premiered at the 80th Venice Film Festival.

A sudden solar storm renders any electronic equipment around the planet useless. On the same day, a baby girl is found on the mountain near a small village lost in the mountains. 
Her name is Nina. 

Produced by Goon Films and Lucky Red with Rai Cinema in collaboration with Amazon Prime. Directed by Alessandro Bardani, starring Sergio Castellitto and Valerio Lundini.

In our country there is a law, still in force and unique in Europe, which prohibits children not recognized at birth, from becoming aware of the identity of their natural parents unless they have turned 100 years old. The comedy tells the story of the meeting between Giovanni and Gustavo, respectively 34 and 99 years old, and their funny journey in search of their origins. 

Produced by BartlebyFilm, Cattleya. Directed by Fabio Mollo.

Alba has Down syndrome and was left in the hospital when she was born. Thirty families rejected her before the court decided to entrust her to Luca Trapanese, gay and Catholic 

Produced by I.B.C Movie s.r.l. and Combo international in collaboration with Medusa Film. Directed by Neri Parenti.  

Alberto has always dreamed of having a son with whom he could share his passions: food, football, sports cars…  
But fate has given him three daughters who impose on him a completely different life: healthy, cultured and feminine. When his wife Emma is expecting their fourth child, Alberto asks the ‘stars’ for at least one boy. His wish is granted. Too much! By magic, his three daughters become three boys. But will it really be better to live with three sons or will it just be trouble? 

See you in cinemas! 

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