Last releases Spring 2023 

June 5, 2023

Many audiovisual international productions have already applied the Green Film rating system in the first half of this year. 
Today we celebrate the World Environment Day and we want to highlight the most recent releases that stand out for the productions’ effort to reduce their environmental impact. 

Produced by BLUS A/S and released on TV2 DK 

For the first time, the Danish format of the world-renowned talent show obtained the Green Film certification. The 16th edition was brodcasted from 1st January to 31st March. This year the winner is the female duo ROSÉL

Produced by Jolefilm and Rai Cinema, directed by Emilia Mazzacurati at her debut feature.

The film’s protagonist is nineteen-year-old Billy, a former child prodigy who at the age of nine invented and ran a successful music podcast and now lives with his eccentric mother in a small village suspended in the middle of nowhere. 




Produced by Bibi Films and Rai Fiction, directed by Luciano Manuzzi

The film tells the story of Tina Anselmi. Italian partisan and politician, she was the first woman to hold the role of minister starting from 29 July 1976. Furthermore, she was President of the Commission of Inquiry into the P2 Masonic lodge.  

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Produced by IBC Movies and Rai Fiction, directed by Vincenzo Marra

Determination and fragility, love and hate, constraints and freedom. A psychological thriller in which the mistery about the disappearance of Leila, a young girl, and her godfather, intersects with the stories of six women – Anna, Michela, Alessia, Viola, Aysha, Leila – each with their own experiences, each with their own secrets, representative of a contemporary female universe. 

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Produced by Stefilm International, directed by Cecilia Bozza Wolf 

In an isolated mountain hamlet surrounded by vineyards, the members of the community are totally unable of expressing their emotions and inner feelings. Here everyone abides by “rispet”, a word in the local dialect that contains the concepts of honour and shame. An unwritten code of shared rules that forges their common identity, intolerant of anyone different.

Premiered during the Trento Film Festival 2023.

We’re proud to support audiovisual productions in their efforts toward environmental sustainability. We’re happy to see on screens the result of their work!

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