Planning sustainability - MANDATORY PREREQUISITES

Planning sustainability


Plan beforehand the practical and streamlined application of the sustainability criteria to be adopted, using simple and concrete information, in order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum but without slowing down the crew’s work.
Plan beforehand production mobilisation so as to optimise transportation and therefore reduce its environmental and economic impact.

Planning sustainability
PR1 Sustainability plan
PR2 Transport optimization plan

Criterion description:



Every action indicated below must be performed before starting the shoot. Nomination of a Head of Protocol Implementation (“Green Manager”) with at least two years of experience in the field of environmental consulting. Drafting of a Sustainability Plan describing the choices made to make production sustainable, based on the criteria identified. The Sustainability Plan will be transmitted to:
• the local GREEN FILM adopting entity (e.g. Film Fund, Film Commission, etc.)
• the certifying body
• each member of production, preferably via e-mail.
The Green Manager will arrange a kick-off meeting for training purposes with at least the heads of department.

Observations and suggestions

The Sustainability Plan should include, for each criterion, precise reference as to the actions to be taken on each set. The aim of the Plan is to involve all of the staff and crew members in implementing best environmental practices. The kick-off meeting with the heads of department is to be seen as an opportunity for training. At this meeting it is best to provide specific information to each single department. Drivers transporting people and goods, for example, should know in detail the plan for optimising transport and the need to use public transport whenever possible.
The local GREEN FILM adopting entity and the certifying body may transmit the Plan also to the public bodies involved, and especially to the municipal boards, in order to provide them with guarantees as well as to boost their cooperation towards the successful outcome of the Plan.

Verification procedure

Document verification. Produce the originals or copies of the following:
• Sustainability Plan (before starting the shoot);
• nomination and resume of the Green Manager (before starting the shoot);
• e-mails with the Plan attached sent to crew and staff members;
• minutes of the kick-off meeting.
Verification on set. The verification on set shall be conducted by the local Certifying body in order to assess the crew members’ effective knowledge of the Plan.



Before starting the shoot, nominate a Mobility Manager who will draft a Transport Organisation Plan concerning the technicians’ vehicles present on set and the personal transport vehicles both on the set and for transfer of people from the set to accommodation facilities and vice versa.
The Plan should be drafted and sent to the GREEN FILM adopting entity and to the Certifying body before starting the shoot, and must contain the following indications:

  • number and type of vehicles used;
  • an estimate of the number of trips to be made by each vehicle, divided into single journeys;
  • an estimate of the number of occupants of each vehicle, divided into single journeys.

During the shoot, the contents of the Plan must be kept in consideration and updated in the event of new requirements, recording the data related to each trip.

Observations and suggestions

The starting principle should be that of using the smallest number possible of vehicles. To this end, it is best to analyse all of the other criteria pertaining to transportation, choose which to follow and at that point select the most suitable mode of transportation in consideration of everyday life on the set.

Verification procedures

Document verification. Produce the originals or copies of the following:
• nomination of the appointed Mobility Manager (before starting the shoot);
• Transport organisation Plan (before starting the shoot);
• Logging of the data regarding fuel consumption, distance travelled and number of people travelling in each vehicle.
Verification on set. The purpose of the verification on set by the staff of the local Certifying body is to record the vehicles actually being used.

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